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Founders of the open source Keel framework today released Keel 2.0, an upgrade that improves the development process for Web-based applications. Keel 2.0 is a Java server side meta-framework or "framework of frameworks" that provides standard interfaces for a variety of other open source frameworks and components. Keel's service based component architecture allows developers to plug the best components from any standards based open source library into their system and then upgrade to future components without having to rewrite the code base. Keel 2.0 provides a comprehensive environment for integrating Web applications, speeding development and establishing a consistent yet flexible base upon which to build systems. Keel's component design allows new implementations to be added and old implementations replaced without extensive code rewrites. Services see each othe... (more)

"Let's Bundle Free Java with Linux," Says IBM's Sutor

"If you could get every Linux distribution with an official, certified Java implementation where you could count on what it did, what its characteristics were, that would be a very powerful thing," said IBM's Bob Sutor last week, as a follow-up to Sun's dismissal - as "bonky" - of his suggestion that IBM and Sun should team up on open-sourcing Java. When asked who would provide such a Linux-Java distribution, Sutor replied that this was precisely one of the things IBM wants to talk to Sun about. Sutor disagrees with Sun's Jonathan Schwartz that Java would fork just as Linux has do... (more)

McNealy to IBM: "Go Open Source with DB2 and Then You Can Tell Me What To Do with My Assets"

Read "Let Java Go" - ESR Writes an Open Letter to Scott McNealy · Read "No Sun Is An Island," Says Javalobby Founder Read Should Sun "Let Java Go"? Counter-Arguments vs Open-Sourcing Java Read "Let's Collaborate on Open-Sourcing Java": IBM Writes Open Letter to Sun Read Sun's Schwartz: IBM's Request "Seems a Little Bonky" Read Filtering the FUD from Java Politicking on "Open-Source Java" During a news conference held last week at the FOSE 2004 conference in Washington,DC, Sun's supremo Scott McNealy confirmed that Sun won't be opening the source to Java anytime soon. "We're trying to unde... (more)

Loiacono Becomes Sun's New Exec VP of Software

Following the appointment of Jonathan Schwartz to the position of president and CEO of Sun Microsystems, the company today announced that John Loiacono, 43, has been named executive vice president of software. Effective immediately, Loiacono will lead the division responsible for delivering on Sun's network computing strategy with a portfolio of highly integrated, end-to-end software systems, including the Linux-based Java Desktop System. Schwartz said. "John has the right energy and aggressiveness to take Sun's software to the next level, building on our most recent successes with... (more)

JavaOne Sneak Preview: Is a Looking Glass SDK On Its Way?

The work of its Advanced Software Technology Team, Sun's Project Looking Glass aims to bring 3D windowing capabilities to the desktop, in what will be - say those behind the scenes - a "far richer user experience for work and play." The project, Sun says, "is not only about looks, it's about creating an engaging user experience, one that can make communications and collaboration even easier." So a Software Development Kit (SDK) enabling developers to implement their own 3D desktops is definitely the next expected step, and where better than JavaOne to release it? Writing 3D apps ... (more)